Sunday, October 7, 2012

Installing ZTE AX226 Wimax Modem on Ubuntu

I am going to show you step by step installation procedure of ZTE AX226 wimax modem on Ubuntu.

Step 1: In you windows PC, download Beceem Diagnostic Control Panel from Mediafire Download Link

Step 2: Extract the file and install install.msi installation file.

Step 3: Open Beceem Diagnostic Control Panel from your Start Menu. You will get an interface as below:

Connect your modem and click on "Connect Device". Then go to DSD and click on Edit Tools from left menu as below:

Click on Modify USB Autoinit Data > Read From File and then modify Vendor ID to "198F" and Product ID to "0220". Click on Save and wait until it processes the command. Then Exit from this tool.

Step 4: Login to Ubuntu. Download connection manager from Download From GoogleCode

Click right button on the downloaded file and click on "Properties". Go to "Permission Tab" and check "allow executing file as admin" and close. Then double click on the file, a window will appear. You will have to click on "Run in Terminal". And Connection manager will be installed.

Step 5: Open the  "Wimax CM Gui" program and save the account detail. And then Connect to Internet.

That's all.

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Mac Avengers said...

Do u have the instruction for Mac OSX 10.9. Any connection manager for Mac OSX 10.9