Thursday, February 17, 2011


I was so excited about my classes of B.Sc in CSE when I was a fresher. I was so scared about my ability also. I was so tensed about study and result. I could not believe that I will do better because I was never a good student but an average one. I took only 4 courses including "Structure Programming" in my first semester.

I was so happy and interested about programming. In structured programming course, our instructor taught us the language "C". From the beginning of the class I kept myself attentive at class. I learnt some basic syntax of C and practiced in my desktop at lab in my first class. When the first output came successfully I started to become confident about programming.

I was always attentive in my programming classes (No class-time sleep). Most of the time when I had no work I kept myself practicing "C" in home. I practiced most of examples from my reference books and solved self made problems. Still I am passing most of my times doing programming. Now, I am an PHP developer. I always give emphasis to code with simple syntax to solve critical problem. Google always helps me to find essential information for my Coding. Love you "Google".