Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Back to Linux, Hope Not Leaving Soon

2007, felt need of learning Linux operating system first time. Went out to have a disk, searched local CD shops, at last found "Mandriva Linux". This was the first distribution of Linux I have used. Mandriva was not only good, it was great. It's installation and graphical operating was easiest than windows and other linux distribution that time. Gradually, installed redhat, fedora, puppy etc. Once, it became a habit to setup pc three times a day with different versions of linux distributions. I can remember, I tasted about ten-eleven versions of Puppy Linux, these were light and fast operating systems.

Ubuntu is one of the most popular distribution of Linux. The day when I got a "Ubuntu" CD shipped from Netherlands, my joy felt really no bound. Got three stickers also with the package. My PC became Ubuntu PC from that day. It remained lots of days, but I had to change operating system several times because of my computer courses. Most of our teachers taught us programming languages in Windows environment, so, we had to come back to windows again and again. When I bought a notebook for first time, windows 7 was provided as default, And I didn't install any OS to it for making sure it's safe use. But, from about a week ago, my notebook hanged for several times, and it let me force shut down every time when it hanged itself. It made me so annoyed and helped me to come back to Linux.

Last week I have downloaded Ubuntu 11.10 and made a pen drive bootable for this. Installed it, and became astonished to see the changes of Ubuntu. It became more user friendly and graphically fabulous. I have already made my PC completely ready for database application development by installing Lampp and also made it ready for Graphic Programming on C++ platform using OpenGL. Hope, I am not giving up this soon.

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