Sunday, October 2, 2011

Why should we use frameworks for web development?

Web programming, now-a-days it is the biggest field of working for programmers. PHP, Ruby, python etc. are popular languages of web programming. There are some frameworks for developing web programs using PHP, Ruby and Python. Zend, Cake, Codeigniter etc. are popular frameworks of web programming. Ruby-on-rails is the framework for Ruby and Plone is the framework for Python web programming. For developing a web program, it is not a mandatory to use these frameworks, but it is better to use them.

What is client's expectation from programmers?
1. They want fresh working codes.
2. They need codes which will be understandable by other programmers.
3. They need module based codes for easy opportunity to increase or decrease functionality.
4. All of above, they need something smarter.

Are frameworks gives opportunity to fulfill these expectations?
1. Yes, frameworks has a about to standard format of coding (Model-View-Controller).
2. They have a predefined structure, so every programmers can understand where to go for editing or changing a function.
3. Frameworks use Object Oriented Style of programming which allows to divide all modules into pieces.
4. Frameworks help to write codes in smart way but it also waste time of development and execution.

Without framework, is it impossible to write smart codes?
1. No, coding is the art of coders. It should not be predefined. It is obviously possible to write codes better than frameworks.
2. Procedural codes reduces time of development and execution. It is flexible to develop something newer and different without frameworks.
3. Coder can make codes more understandable than frameworks by his own ability.

I prefer not to use frameworks. Because, I can't write codes in a predefined way. I usually like to work for new and different things with new algorithm and new possibilities. So, I don't use any framework. But a new framework or style of coding is established for my own works by my experience. I like to work with that and I will try my best to improve this style.

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