Monday, January 31, 2011

Studying CSE, Was that my destiny?

I got admitted into a new high school at 1999. There I met some new friends. As, I was an introvert type human I couldn’t be introduced with them so fast. But, I tried with different approaches to know people. One day, at the launch hour of the school, I tried to speak with a new friend. His name was Limon, he was a son of one of our teachers. I approached him like a young journalist and asked him some questions. I asked him some personal information and hobbies and future plans. He answered me with interest. He told me that he wants to be a programmer. The word “Programmer” changed my all of aims

I heard about the profession known as programmer from science fiction movies or stories and some IT related English journal. I thought being a programmer is too tough job for anybody like me. But I became motivated from the interview of Limon. I made my aim to be a programmer from that day. I passed my secondary and higher secondary education in science with medium type result and then I got admitted to MIU (Manarat Internation University) in CSE department. This January, I have completed my B.Sc in CSE from this university with the best performance result

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