Friday, August 19, 2011

My Works: in a hierarchy

I always love to make different things. At least different in the way of development. When I was in my last year of my BSC in CSE course, I had to enroll a subject named "Software Development". Most of our senior students developed some music player or other desktop applications in that course in their time. But I decided to do different. I choose PHP and MySQL to develop an accounting software which could be used by a University. I targeted my University as a subject. I named the software "University Management Software", it is a multi-user and highly privacy controlled web based database application software which allows different department of a University to manage different things which could be controlled by super-admin centrally. I figured out the departments and made different portions of my software.

  • Admission
  • Accountancy
  • Faculties
  • Admin
I made features for admission department of the University which only allows the user to add a new students. Accountancy department can register courses for every individual student and save the payments for the registered courses and faculties can give marks to the students. And the central admin can handle all these features.

I rated that application as a fifth class work of my PHP based application development. I had to give about 75 days to make that thing. It was not so secured and smart application what I can make today. But I like that thing, because it was my first successful work. I could not use that application anywhere but my teacher (Nasima Begum, Senior Lecturer, MIU, Department of CSE) appreciated me highly for that thing.

Then I started my journey of web based application development using PHP & MySQL by that work. Then I started to make a micro-blogging website ( But I released as a test for my own campus. My classmates and the junior students of my varsity started to use that test micro-blog and I got a lots of appreciation for that.

Suddenly I got an invitation from a law firm to make an application by which they can easily calculate, manage and prepare income tax return and save them for further use. I needed about one month to made that application. But that thing was about 5 times complex than my first work. Later I used that application as my BSC project and I got highest marks for this work. I have upgraded that application (not graphically) and made it live online application ( At first it was not a multi-user application, I converted it just before uploaded it to server. It's a very good tools for the people of Bangladesh who wants to prepare their own or friends' income tax return.

DelaMyAds is my first completely commercial web application, but still it is not published finally because of financial problem. It was an joint venture project (Idea by: Muntasir Rashid, Dewan Rakib Shah, Designed by: Tarif, Arranged by: Reza and developed by: Me).

I also made a news web CMS for my very closest friends and they are going to publish that site commercially very soon after having all kinds of paper-work. It's on test transmission at All Time News.

I always love to work for making different things. After successful development of DealMyAds, I worked hard make a lots of different things which are going to be live in short time, insha-allah. I wish I can make everyone astonished by my coming works, insha-allah.

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